Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Grow taller? Yes please!

After scouting around (I think that is the right way to put it) the internet.. I went on all sorts of different website trying to find what I was looking for.. which was a simple and effective way to increase my height... after much relentless trawling I finally stumbled upon this guide which told me about shoe lifts.. I came about the concept of elevator shoes before and didn't like that idea because it was so obvious with the huge heels and all that what you were doing was wearing them for extra height but I kinda liked the idea behind shoe lifts more because of the fact you can place in them in your existing shoes and they make no difference to how they look which is rather cool all because they are inside your shoes with no visible signs showing off what your doing! Anyway I thought id try some out for myself so wish me luck. Oh yeah I know there are other ways to grow taller like stretches and what have you but they really didn't take my fancy because I just dont have the enough hours in the day for all of the non sense.... I want height now.. not later on in a couple months maybe... because stretching exercises dont work for everyone only those with bad posture I think.

I will let you know how I get on with these shoe lifts when they actually arrive which should be soon if all goes well!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Twitter money bot

Twitter money bot is not worth the money you pay for it. If you are wanting to lose your money by buying a useless software (well in my opinion) you should buy twitter money bot, if not then avoid buying it. Yes it does everything it promises but that it.. and for a twitter campaign you will have more luck manually tweeting and following people.. as with twitter money bot you can only have one campaign running at a time and you basically have to scrape lists and unfollow and follow from lists you have to manually add to twitter money bot projects.. this can be very time consuming and quite boring. Anyway I just thought that you should all know.. Another reason is that for seo social signal dont really play a big part in rankings on search engines anyway as most search engine discount social links as they are no follow anyway. Bye.

Auto content writer isnt very good

I know im not really sticking to a theme on this blog and im just talking about any random thing that pops in my head.. So anyway in this post I will be posting about how you should not waste your money at all... on a software called auto content writer (in my opinion) it is no good... and i really have wasted my money... but anyway auto content writer promises to let you easily create unique readable content for your website all automatically but this is far from the truth as the only content you will be getting is duplicate non unique and to top it off unreadable content that really is no use for seo purposes. Anyway I thought Id just warn people from buying this software in this quick review of it which will explain what is missing and why I dont like auto content writer and think its a waste of money.

Auto content writer will not produce good enough content to stop google panda from penalizing your website... its that simple. The content it creates is not unique and easly detectable as duplicate content.. why? simple it scrapes a coule article directories grabs the content from their and mixes it together at sentence or paragraph level... google and other search engines can easly see that the article auto content writer has made is not aultity content and has been scraped and mixed from somewhere else... More over auto content writer does not spin word eithier making it even more easy for google and others to see that everything is just scraped.
 Auto content writer is never updates.. since i bought it it has not been updated.. I think its just been abandoned. There are plenty more feature packed content writing software tools out there too choose from like wicked article creator.. which has a word spinner added to it..... But honestly I think whitehat and writing your own articles is better and risk free!

Auto generated content is becoming harder and harder to use to help boost seo...... with panda updates from google it is only a matte rof time till your site is caught and penalized.

Arch pain can be helped

Arch pain can be a symptom of plantar fasciitis or could be a sign that the plantar fascia is getting inflamed and if nothing is done the onset of plantar fasciitis is a possibility. However this does not always have to be the case and you can avoid plantar fasciitis and arch pain simply by swapping the shoe inserts that you are wearing at the moment with some special arch support insoles instead... it is a really good idea to do this if you have under pronating or over pronating arches as the risk of plantar fasciitis or a inflamed arch is higher. Arch support insoles shouldn't cost a great deal and additionally they are highly effective so I highly advise you look at buying some if you are suffering from arch pain in your feet.

Did you say insoles that make you taller?

When I was searching around to find some insoles to help improve my running I actually found out something really interesting that you can actually buy some insoles which are comfortable and will not only make your feet feel better but will also make appear taller.. that is super cool isn't.. surely you gotta agree with me. I laughed at the thought of wearing them at first like anyone would but then I realized that nobody has to even know your wearing the inserts because they are hardly obvious are they if they are hidden away inside your pair of shoes right? So after much thinking I thought hey... i guess i want to be a little bit taller I might as well go get myself a pair of these insoles and that is exactly what I did.... now my friends are wondering how i have gotten so much taller.. they really have no clue how.. haha. If you intrested how these insoles work or want to go get your self a apir head on over to soupcan for more info on height increasing insoles. Here is the link for you :)


Didn't cost me much at all! Hehe its funny what you can find on the internet. theirs basically products for everything nowadays.

Soupcan insoles are the best!

Soupcaninsoles are fantastic! I have received my brand new suopcaninsoles which i bought off nuovahealth and gotta say just how really great and helpful they have been for me. The insoles have greatly enhanced my running making running not a pain in the feet anymore but really comfortable. I am quite shocked just how better running has gotten.. i must have really been wearing the worst possible flat insoles before which did no good at all to my feet and exposed my feet to the shocks and jolts which overtime can cause damage and injury.. when i used to run without these cool insoles i would always get a dull pain in my feet which the more i ran would increase meaning i could only run so far until i had to stop.. but now it is a very different story altogether... no more worrying i can run for how ever long i want without my feet giving up before me. I defiantly advise anyone who goes running to go grab a pair of soupcan insoles they do a world of good! Here is a link if you dont know where to find out more about these insoles I am so pleased that I manged to find these insoles... I never realized just how important wearing a good pair of insoles really was until I found out just how much better and more comfortable they make things. These insoles really are the best no doubt about it and too say they only costed me £10 is remarkable really.